W9: Madness as Muse #1(T.C)

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W9: Madness as Muse #1(T.C)

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Madness as Muse: Beksinski
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Madness as Muse: Bekinski
In the video, Zdzislaw Beksinski creates dark and haunting images of alien creatures, cemeteries, and apocalyptic scenes. The art suffices to present a masterpiece of creativity from an artist with bipolar disorder. While it is evident that the trauma experienced by the individual could be the primary reason for his decision to create the haunting images, it is evident that the paintings achieve the artist’s objective of using associative expression to describe apocalyptic events, cemetery scenes, and alien life, which in most cases are unseen to the physical human eye. As noted by Walker (2005), Beksinski strived to ensure that the artistic images were not “personal.” As a result, he burned all paintings that were either too personal or failed to achieve his standard of helping to interpret ‘that which is outside of him’ or expressing things that are difficult to understand.
From my standpoint, I concur with Beksinski that his paintings express that which is unclear to humans rather than his emotions and feelings as a bipolar individual. As noted by Serlin (2007), the use of expressive art by artists such as Bekinski plays a vital role in understanding the standpoint of the author as it unleashes his or her emotional issues, as well as helping to train patients with mental disorders in psychiatric care units. Bahia and Trindade (2012) also observed the crucial rol…

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