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volunteer journal entry

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Volunteer Journal Entry
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Nails salon is one business that has gained popularity with the increased demand for the services they offer. It is, therefore, essential for such service providers to render quality services to increase customer loyalty due to the competitive nature of the business. As a volunteer assistant manager, I had to familiarize with the environment to create a rapport with the customers and the employees. One of my obligations was to oversee the employees. I was also required to engage the customers in determining the level of satisfaction they acquired from the services we offered. I involved all employees in the salon to work as a team.
During the week, I undertook different tasks involving planning, controlling, coordinating, and reporting to the manager. In one instance, there was a customer who after receiving our services complained that they did not match her expectations. She claimed that she would not pay for the services. It was a difficult and challenging situation for me based on the fact that the employees were paid depending on the number of customers they served. I was, therefore, torn between agreeing with either the employee or the customer. A commotion arose when the employee insisted on being paid. This instance drew attention to the public; I realized that if the situation were not dealt with wisely, our salon would lose its reputation; a crucial aspect of this competitive market (Smith, 2011).
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