Visual Survey & Response

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Visual Survey & Response

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Visual Survey and Response
Types of violence that I experience in everyday life;
• Physical violence
Examples of physical violence that I experienced include beating, pushing, hair-pulling and hitting.
• Sexual violence
Examples include forced prostitution, exhibitionism, and force someone to kiss you
• Spiritual violence
Forcing someone to practice another person’s religious, and not allowing others to practice their religious traditions.
• Emotional violence
Some of the emotional violence that I experienced includes threatening to dump someone, intimidating others, and name calling
• Psychological violence
Examples include threatening to harm someone, isolating an individual and treating others like servants
Sources of violence
Some sources of violence that I discovered include media, substance abuse, poverty, peer pressure, and unemployment. Many video games of children have full of violence, and some try to practice during their free time. Using drugs such as cocaine, heroin or even alcohol makes some individuals threaten others when they disagree on something (Lavisa et al., 274). Also, I realized that unemployment and poverty lead to marriage breakup and children are left stranded.
How violence impact my health and well-being
People who threaten others could make me fear them and develop sleeping problems. Sleep disorders such as insomnia tend to contribute to depression. After developing d…

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