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Visual argument

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The graphic shows zombie-like humans each staring at the bright screens of their phones. Steve Cutts, the artist, illustrates how the advancement in technology has taken away our humanity and turned us into zombies. In this Smartphone era people too preoccupied on their phones such that they are not aware of their immediate surroundings. They are completely controlled by the technology, and the hopelessness and monotony have turned them into emotionless humans. The artist portrays this zombie-like situation as a reality in the modern society. The hollow-eyed humans cleverly and sarcastically reveal the lack of humanity in the contemporary society (Dove 2016).
Graphic 2

The art shows the smiling Mickey Mouse. The mouse is either unaware or do not care about the messy surrounding including the fire in the background and even his muddled self. Steve Cutts, through this art, illustrates how we, humans, have destroyed the environment as well ourselves in pursuit of our money. We are so selfish and greedy that we only focus on our success and ignore the adverse impacts (even the obvious ones like the fire in the background) of our actions on us and the environment. Whether the mouse is smiling watching humans perish because their actions have made the planet inhabitable or it is smiling on his achievement…

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