Vignette Case Study and Analysis

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Vignette Case Study and Analysis

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Vignette Analysis
Institutional Affiliation
Part 1
Description of demographic information
The patient is a 26-year-old female. She is described as a college graduate who has currently moved from one area to another for a new job opportunity. Being from the San Francisco Bay area, her ethnicity is most likely to be a non-Hispanic white female. The city has an over 70 percent population of non-Hispanic. Thus, making the patient’s possibility to be white and non-Hispanic. Furthermore, the patient, being freshly off from college and on her first job, she is most likely to be unmarried. On the other hand, in Joan’s case study, there is no mention of her husband or any spouse.
Description of symptoms
The patient suffers from the following symptoms:
She says that she feels unstable particular under a high-stress situation such as during her final exam period.
After the completion of the examination period, Joan, the patient, continues to feel unstable and feels more isolated.
Joan acquired a job that made her feel more energized. The energy made her think that she did not need any sleep. The lack of sleep saw her working over 10 hours a day with 3 to 4 hours of sleep.
During the high energy period, she would feel her thoughts “racing” with what she thought were “creative” and “new” ideas. However, people surrounding her did not understand her “creative” thoughts. Furthermore, she did not follow up in any of her ideas.
Joan is in denial of …

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