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Video Summary
In the video series titled “Discovering Psychology”, the host, Philip Zimbardo explains the connection between psychology and physical diseases. Zimbardo is seen in different settings ranging from the streets to the setting of an office as he explains the various connections between psychology and physical diseases. The video also features three experts in various health fields who help explain the link between psychology and disease conditions. The first expert featured in the video is Judith Rodin, a health psychologist from Yale University. Rodin explains the mind-body relationships and how her pioneering research with the elderly would help to improve health and wellbeing. The second expert featured in the video is Yale University’s psychologist Neal Miller. Miller explains the concept of bio feeders and how it links psychology to common diseases. The last expert featured in the video is the University of California’s health psychologist Thomas Coates who gives the psychosocial perspective of the AIDS epidemic. The arguments by the host and the various featured experts are illustrated through clips of related events. The video also features a clip of Canadian physician Hans Seyle’s experiment on how stressors affect the functioning of animals.
From the video, I learn that the mind significantly influences one’s resistance and susceptibility to the disease. I also learn that stress is not only a significant caus…

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