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Video Review
Although there is much debate over the historical value of Christopher Columbus’ expeditions and discoveries, I think he deserves recognition for his accomplishments in history. Columbus is most recognized for discovering the American continent, but the debate is whether or not he deserves credit for the discovery. His claim is challenged by the historical information that the Vikings landed and settled on the continent 500 years earlier (TED-Ed). Although there is factual information about the Viking settlements prior to Columbus, I feel Columbus does deserve recognition because the settlements he established continued while the Viking settlements did not last (TED-Ed). Columbus deserves recognition for the established settlements he created in the American continent.
The settlements Christopher Columbus created on the American continent made the way for other European explorers to sail overseas and establish other settlements. Columbus deserves also recognition for creating the sense of freedom and adventure for explorers and settlers in Europe who desired to travel to new lands (TED-Ed). Without the success Columbus created with his voyage and establishments on the American continent, other European explorers would not have the knowledge and information to make the voyage across the sea. The idea that the world was flat instead of round was prominent around the world at the time, and many people were fearful of long distance…

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