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The Behaving Brain
The video discussed the chemistry of the brain, the brain physiology and how the chemical and physical activity of the brain is measured. The functions of neurons is to receive, process and transmit information gathered. The actions of the neurons determine our behaviors. The information is first collected from the receptors and spread around its dendrites. It is very interesting to learn that neurons never touch; they relay messages through the synaptic gap known as neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers released from neurons that cross the synapse and interact with the receptors. Synapses can either be excitatory or inhibitory.
The body’s activities such as beating of the heart, breathing, sleeping, or waking up are controlled by the brain stem. The cerebellum is part of the brain that coordinates our body movements, controls posture and maintains equilibrium. The limbic system is part of the mammalian brain that maintains temperature and blood pressure, regulates emotions, and strives for self-preservation and sexual desire. Hippocampus is the basic information processor that matches the new information with the old. The hypothalamus releases seven hormones to the pituitary gland and acts as a link between the body and brain. The thalamus acts as a relay station. It is in the cerebrum that nerve impulses are interpreted into images, words, symbols, and ideas. (“03 The Behaving Brain”)
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