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Video Feedback Business Proposal Consultation

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Critique of a Business Proposal
My name is Ali Alyami. I am a healthcare administration major. The business proposal being evaluated is one which aims to create a business innovations and study center in the Stafford building. For the center to work they would require smartboards and about 20 desks, that can be arranged in any designs. Students and lecturers would be allowed one-hour slots in the center. To finance the project, they aim to seek assistance from a company called Paycom. The project should be fully operational by the fall of 2019 CITATION SWO18 l 1033 (SWOSU Business Students).
This proposal has a clear description of what the students intend to achieve. It has been broken down into simple easy steps with a clear and simple language form. They have incorporated images that make the entire concept more understandable.
In terms of the need of the project they have not given one. They have just stated the advantages of having a business innovations and study center but have not stated why the university requires one in a convincing manner. The objectives are to create an environment of interactive learning, improve the study habits of business students and to cultivate innovation.
A budget has been created and is realistic. However, since they are depending on a corporate sponsor, what level of assurance do they have in that particular company? In the timelines a question that can be raised is whether they considered the ship…

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