VCOM post baccalaureate program

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VCOM post baccalaureate program

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To do something nice for the well being of human kind was my dream that led me to the field of medicine. But with due course of life, I became mother of two kids and somehow I had to compromise with my flourishing medical career. Since I belong to a community where medical facility used is very retarded, I always wanted to be involved in the treatment of patients from undeserved areas. My desire got its address when I was in a medical camp organized by the Florida’s A&M University pre-med program. In the camp many patients were treated for free and kids were given different toys. Doctors built very nice relationships with their patients. That day I experienced a feeling of happiness that came from helping others and going beyond the boundary of self-interest.
I believe that VCOM’s post-baccalaureate program will give me an opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge, skills and degree that I will definitely use when working with patients in need. From the inception of this course, VCOM teaches its students how to treat patents primarily after proper diagnosis regardless of the choices to become specialist. The VCOM program offered to attract attention of individuals from undeserved, rural areas, especially patients with low-socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds, and at the same time underrepresented minorities. This VCOM curriculum includes clinical and research experiences, MCAT preparation, …

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