Value of the Humanities

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Value of the Humanities

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After reading the article by Nicholas Kristof, I agree with his view that having a multidisciplinary labor market is important more than having a science investing only in science-oriented careers. In his opening statement, Kristof begins by echoing the unpopular sentiments that people who study humanities may end up being subordinates of science graduates. The author, however, dismisses the idea of campaigning of an all science world arguing that the word would be more miserable. Agreeing with Kristof, the humanities are as important as science leaning careers because the world also needs musicians, writers, and philosophers.
Similarly, I agree with Jaweed Kaleem’s article on “Keeping Alive the Big Questions”. The author narrates the questions that characterize the friendship of two doctoral students who are also close friends. The two students often stressed the meaning of living a good life denoted by purpose, joy, and success. Many years after they graduate one of them finds out that she has cancer which changes their outlook on their big questions. Kaleem’s position and thus of this paper is that people should always focus on answering the big question that plagued the lives of Evgenia Cherkasova and Elena Kornilov. In doing so, they will find the true meaning of life, happiness, and success
Becky Barnicoat’s articles “Extraordinary Outsiders: The Makers who don’t Know they’re Artist” focuses on the crea…

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