Using Comics in Teaching Distance Time Graph

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Using Comics in Teaching Distance Time Graph

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Using Comics in Teaching Distance-Time Graph

Using Comics in Teaching Distance-Time Graph
The article by Nicky Rushton titled, ‘common errors in mathematics’ provides an analysis of the faults and inaccuracies among students undertaking subjects that involve mathematics. The misconception in arithmetic concerning the distance-line graphs results from individual student’s understanding, beliefs, and rules that they follow and learn (Rushton, 2014). However, the ideas including the fallacies do not have substantial theoretical foundations. Rushton indicates that the increase in misconceptions about learning and teaching distance-time graph emanates from wrong steps and calculations.
The author reveals two sets of faults in constructing time graphs that arise from the use of mathematical operations such as addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication. The specification of content for visual representation to teach distance-time graph results in calculation mistakes (. According to Rushton (2014), many learners face challenges in distance-time graph due to difficulties in coordinating algebraic fluency and manipulating arithmetic expressions and equations. Further, the author explains that many students have problems in solving equations which contribute to perceived complexities in handling distance and time graphs.
According to Garcia and Cox (2010), poor recognition of a mathematical sign results in loss of accuracy marks and incor…

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