Uses of The Internet

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Uses of The Internet

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Uses of The Internet
The Internet has transformed businesses, markets, individuals and companies through its numerous benefits and qualities. The Internet can be used as a collaboration tool and communication tool. Social media is one of the examples of internet facilities that enable communication among millions of people worldwide. Managers communicate with their staff through emails, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn to pass their daily messages. People also share and receive information through Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube, and other social panels. Sharing of information on the internet is easy, effective and reliable. Increased use of smartphones has made it possible for billions of people to access the internet (Liew et al. 198). When managers share their company’s project requirements with other parties, then the members can collaborate and work together to achieve a common goal. The project guidelines and requirements can be shared through social media platforms and reach the target subjects.
The Internet is used for commercial purposes. For instance, e-commerce has enabled people to access and buy products that are not within their geographical reach. E-commerce retailers like Amazon have made online shopping simple for people in the world. People order products online, and they receive them in their respective countries via shipping or other means of transport (Vorderer et al.). Furthermore, authors and booksellers can sell their books and…

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