Use of technology in schools.revised

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Use of technology in schools.revised

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Use of Technology in Schools
Handling Competing Priorities
To deal with competing monasteries, I would sit with the management and discuss what the schools need. We would set deadlines for each priority and come up with a solution that satisfies everyone. To reduce conflicts, we should create a timeline to inform the stakeholders of the progress continually. All stakeholders have to collaborate to ensure that time is efficiently managed.

The Example with The Highest Impact
The fourth example should have the highest impact since technology extensively benefits students. The grantees may use the federal funds to buy devices for students to collaborate with educators and peers and access digital learning materials. The grantees should use the funds to provide students with mobile learning materials provide students with assistive technology devices and boost the school’s readiness for shortfalls (U.S. Department of Education). The school aims at using technology to promote instruction and improve student outcome. The technological devices make learning more interesting, and students enjoy the subjects they study.
Selling the Strategy to Colleagues
I would sell the strategy to colleagues by outlining its benefits. The devices offer numerous opportunities, making learning more enjoyable and fun since teachers can teach things in a new way. The students are more interested in the things they study, and…

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