Use of Deadly Force

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Use of Deadly Force

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Use of Deadly Force
Use of Deadly Force
The American police force has been accused of using excessive force against suspected criminals in the society. Observation and analysis of statistics from the criminal justice system indicate the unequal application of stop searches against people from certain races. The problem of using excessive force has been prevalent when the police are dealing with colored people. According to the evidence provided by Walker, Spohn & Delone, colored people, mostly of African-American origin have been the main target during police searches (2012). There have been numerous reports detailing the increased use of excessive force, such as careless shootings, arrests, beatings and verbal abuse, by the police against Hispanic Americans and African Americans (Walker, Spohn & Delone, 2012). The revelations resulted in reform measures aimed at eliminating the use of deadly force by the police officers against any given suspect. Therefore, this essay will examine some of the significant progress made in controlling the use of deadly force against criminal suspects. Also, there will be the analysis of various evidence claiming the reduction of racial profiling in the American States.
Following the use of deadly force by the police when dealing colored criminal suspects, various efforts have been suggested and others implemented, to reduce police brutality when investigating and arresting suspects (Walker, Spohn & Delone,…

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