US Navy Human Capital Value

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US Navy Human Capital Value

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US Navy Human Capital Value
The evolving global environment has led to increasing challenges and opportunities to corporations across the world. Therefore, to remain successful organizations focus on the available resource and strategize on the efficiency and effective allocation of resources (Beyer & Leoński, 2017). The subject of concern to corporation constitutes resource management, utilization, and restructuring of the general operations. The use of human capital management metric supports employee productivity and provides links to quantitative and qualitative outcomes (Beyer & Leoński, 2017). For instance, the US Navy has employed several Human Capital tactics on outsourcing of employees’ engagement, restructuring of the organization on total force competencies. The total force competencies evaluation has been the crucial prospect of realizing the US Navy Return on investment of human capital. In this case, human capital has increased the fiscal constraints significant in the development of the current and the future workforce. Thus, the human capital strategies recognize the personnel management of the workforce, more versatile, and technology-centric (Beyer & Leoński, 2017). The US Navy is an example of an organization with constant success in the development of human capital since its establishment in 1945. The underlying concerns of these tactic and dynamism of the US …

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