US Armed Forces Sexual Assault

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US Armed Forces Sexual Assault

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US Armed Forces Sexual Assault
According to a study conducted by Pentagon the cases of rape and sexual harassment in the US Armed forces has increased by about 50%. According to the report by Pentagon, more than 26,000 military personnel were subjected to sexual assaults in the year 2014. According to Cooper (14) of all these cases only 3,370 cases that were reported. In the light of sexual assault in the US armed Force, this paper provides a detailed and critical analysis of some of the immediate ethical issues in relation to the alarming rate of sexual assault and rape in the US Armed Forces. Beside the paper will also provide a comprehensive explanation on why the number of rape and sexual assaults in the US armed forces are increasing at an alarming rate. The subject of sexually related assaults has of late being an area of concern in workplaces and hence it needs to be addressed squarely. The US Armed Force is ranked high in terms of professionalism and as a result, such a vice within the US military need to be addressed exhaustively and keenly in terms of the moral and ethical framework.
The discussion concerning the above issue is founded on the data from Pentagon. Pentagon conducted a research recently on branches of US Armed forces in regards to sexual harassment within the forces. The report provides statistical and factual data in relation to the number of sexual assaults incidents reported. Alongside, other mate…

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