Urban Perceptions of-Country Music

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Urban Perceptions of-Country Music

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Urban Perception of Country Music
Country music denotes the styles of the genre of country and western. It includes hillbilly and bluegrass. The twenty-first Century urban culture find it difficult to appreciate this type of music because it is not only considered foreign, but it carries with it a stigma of association. In the twenty-first Century, country music is perceived to have a backward culture. According to research, reference points out characteristics such as the values, rigidity, sound and subject matter as some of the reasons making it difficult for twenty-first century cultures to appreciate country music (Arnold 146). What follows is the increase in segregation of listeners from unfamiliar and non-traditional country music locations. This makes it difficult for this genre of music to achieve growth in the twenty-first century.
The emergence of technology has allowed the digitization of the music industry. New content can be created within a short time. Subsequently, new music can be dispersed quickly across the world instantly. The on-demand nature of the twenty-first Century music is advantageous to a new generation of music lovers but has continued to prejudice country music. Moreover, despite the advancements in technology, many county music artists have failed to commercialize their music.
Despite the lack of support for country music, something can be done to bring back the lost glory of this gen…

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