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Topic: Unselfishness
Attention gainer
No one can exist as a solitary individual.
Credibility statement
Human beings exist within a dimension that includes other people having distinctively different abilities. If one were to possess all the necessary features to live as an individual rather than within a group of individuals, then selfishness would have hardly featured as a vice, somewhat, as a characteristics essential for one’s survival.
Relevancy statement
The society is structured in a manner that we all need each other, and the act of selfishness portrays ones as being against the interest of others. On the other hand, unselfishness is categorized as one of the essential virtues that leaves one fulfilled and benefiting from other people.
Preview main Idea
We all exist in a world where people have diverse needs, race, color, abilities, and skills. Unselfishness ensures that our neighbors contribute their unique talents or privileges in making the rest of the society to live a comfortable and more fulfilling life.
Unselfishness, therefore, leads to the mutual benefit of everyone as people exists with different abilities which when all combined ensure the survival of humankind.
Main idea
The significance and mutual benefit of unselfishness are well illustrated by the concept of marriage in the society.
Supporting element 1
According to Demarco (1), when couples give themselves to each other unselfishly, their souls expand. …

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