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562 Unit 1
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562 Unit 1
Sustainability is a practice through which a business enterprise manages its environmental, economic and social threats. Sustainability helps a business to endure shocks and become resilient by maintaining a healthy social, economic and environmental approach. In some cases, however, business and sustainability do not rhyme together. These businesses view sustainability as a hindrance as it reduces the business profits through the processes and systems adopted. Pressure is building up for businesses to adopt and merge sustainability with decent business practices. This paper will critically explain why sustainability is the future of business.
First and foremost, the main reason as to why sustainability is the future of commerce is that it brings in investments. Good practices in business combined with measures that improve sustainability lures in investors. Most of the investors look for a business that is profit-driven as well as robust meaning that it can cope with risks and jolts that come with doing business. Also, investors look at the long-term measures put in place by a business, and those that have a good track record in implementing sustainable solutions and processes are most sort out.
Sustainability has also brought the aspect of competition in business. Over the years, it has become evident that companies have adopted sustainable strategies are making huge profits as well as increasing their consumer num…

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