UNIT 2 Short Answers

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UNIT 2 Short Answers

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The history of printing in America can be viewed at a perspective of the great American writers such as Ben Franklin, in the 18th century. In the earliest fifty years after the invention, the world had become an essential part of the western culture; hence anytime the European pioneers ventured, there was an assurance of a follow up by the printing press.
The first American-printed book, therefore, was handed over in Mexico in 1536. The Spanish Viceroy Mendoza gave an order that the Jesuit missionaries published this first article. The printing project that followed was ranked better than the initial one, although later editions survived in larger quantities. This fact proves that the printing industry in the colonies of Spain flourished after the early years. In 1638, a printing press was launched in Cambridge with the aim of provision of reading materials the sake of spiritual learning of the colonists.
Through the efforts of William Bradford, a master printer was availed to the industry and this enhanced massive production of religious publications. Since newspapers were a crucial part of colonial life, the British rulers, as well as the colonists, employed the press to spread news amongst the citizens. The Walden font company is hoping to develop printing tradition by offering means to any person willing to print real colonial-era articles.
During the 1786 war between Britain and America, despite being fully equipped…

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