Unhealthy Food

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Unhealthy Food

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Mutton and lamb flaps represent nicely cut pieces of lamb meat that are sold to the masses. However, they are usually fifty percent fat, and it is for this reason that they are not advocated as part of a healthy lifestyle (Gewertz, and Frederick, 1). Obesity is a problem that is growing to become an epidemic in many nations. It is usually promoted by the general ideas and perceptions about food perpetuated by corporations. A government can, therefore, use its authority and capacity to address such a problem by either creating awareness or preventing its importation through taxation.
Awareness about the implications of such a problem offers people knowledge of the various elements of the mutton flaps such as the quantity of fat found. Awareness also informs people of the impending danger of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.
The issue of the high amount of meat flaps found in developing nations such as areas of the Pacific island show aspects of the unethical use of marketing that has been used to dupe communities into consuming them and ultimately causing significant health risks to entire populations. Consumption of such food in such high quantities in some of these nations also highlight some of the political and social influences affecting them because politicians ought to be the first line of defense against anything that can have a harmful effect on the society (Gewertz, and Frederick, 2). Pacific island nations as some of the are…

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