Unexpected events in your life

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Unexpected events in your life

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Unexpected Events in Life
Life is always not a straight line, and hence the uncalled for is likely to happen at any point in time. I have experienced some of the unexpected events that I at one point would not imagine them happening to me.
One of the significant events which am forever grateful for is my election as the student’s captain in my secondary school. The position helped me a lot in promoting my leadership skills and of course I used the opportunity to champion for the rights of the students; both those who voted for me and those who did not. Also, at no point did I ever expect to speak fluently in front of people as I was shy but the moment I took up the leadership position I got to acquire courage and the authority of public speaking.
For the unexpected adverse events, a major one which was a painful one was the loss of my beloved brother after he succumbed to cancer at a very tender age. This was a big blow not only to me but to the family at large. The death happened at a time that was least expected since he had shown good prowess in his academics and we indeed had seen a bright future in him. In addition to that, I ever had a bad experience of losing my school fees for my first year while joining the school. This happened because of my reluctance to bank the money immediately after getting to school, but I gave in to persuasion from my friends who convinced me to wait a little bit so that we could bank the money toget…

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