Understanding Nursing Research

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Understanding Nursing Research

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Understanding Nursing Research
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The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) has the primary mandate of improving and promoting health in the USA. While pursuing its mandate, NINR engages in research on health matters as the foundation upon which a healthy nation gets built. There are several programs in place that are specially developed to tackle various health issues (Burns & Grove, 2010). For example, there is the symptom science category of research, end-of-life and palliate care topic among other areas of interest for NINR.
Promotion and improvement of health among individuals and the whole American population are among other priorities of the NINR. However, only the promotion of innovation and development of nurse scientists get emphasized in all of NINR’s programs (Burns & Grove, 2010). Realization of the top aspirations requires of the NINR to advance science to improve lives. Research sponsored by NINR takes a defined route that is, areas in which the health needs are the greatest get addressed first (Burns & Grove, 2010).
The NINR focuses on research to assure the American people of good health. Given the activities of NINR, it is within its mandate to promote innovation while at it; help develop scientists that can get the current generation through this century. The NINR would be committing a fatal mistake if it did not engage in the development of professionals able to live up its standards; outsider…

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