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Uncivility in Nursing Profession

The presentation explores uncivility as it occurs in the nursing profession. It is one of the primary cause of psychological and emotional distress. Some of the impacts include demotivation, burnout, and stress. Such uncivility is a reflection of poor leadership that allows bullying to survive. One of the best recommendations for reducing bullying is the establishment of good leadership. Transformational style of leadership is a good example. It involves developing teams and creating a shared vision for the profession. Building a strong sense of teamwork as well as employing good leaders have the effect of creating harmony and a good working environment characterized by motivation, efficiency, and most of all professional satisfaction (Firdaus, 2017).
According to Firdaus (2017), the development of role models is significant because it provides the nurses with people they can look up to and draw inspiration from. The transformational leadership goes an extra mile by offering leadership that promotes equity through team building and allowing everyone to provide their contributions to the decision-making process. Bullying in such a case can be easily handled and managed. Creating a strong vision for the organization is also quite critical especially in aligning the goals and aspirations of all nurses. It allows for effective collaboration whereby they can easily work together and positively influence each other an…

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