UNC Grade Scandal

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UNC Grade Scandal

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The University of North Carolina grades scandal
For a long time, the University of North Carolina (UNC) has been known to be a home of great sportsmen and academic giants. From basketball to football, the University has produced great names in the field of sport, such as Michael Jordan. This was only until two articles were published in the media tarnishing the good reputation. One article by Aaron Beard of the associated press titled, ‘Fake classes, inflated grades: Massive UNC scandal included athletes over two decades’, and the other by Sara Ganim and Devon Sayer of CNN investigates titled, ‘UNC report finds 18 years of academic fraud to keep athletes playing.’ The articles reveal massive fraud in the university in which students mostly athletes were awarded inflated grades. The university now faces a negative reputation from the public, tough sanctions from accreditation bodies and social consequences regarding legal battles and financial loss.
As the shocking report revealed, up to 3100 students were enrolled in bogus classes and then awarded good grades without even attending classes. This report puts the university in a bad light, as people will no longer see the institution as a center of excellence. What is worse is that at the center of the scandal are senior university staff members. The allegations were associated with the chairperson and his deputy in the department of African-American studies pro…

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