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Uber Eats

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Uber Eats
Uber Eats is an American online company based in San Francisco California and deals with online food delivery. This platform was launched in 2014 by Uber partnering with hundreds of restaurants all over the world. Initially, it was called UberFRESH but was renamed to UberEATS in 2015 with its own application which was separate from the UberRIDES one. From San Francisco, they expanded their services to Chicago, Barcelona, and New York City (Stonehem 5). Today, it continues its growth to different countries all over the world. Together with the partners, Uber Eats offers a different range of cuisine in different cities. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. Some of the services are open all day long every day. The Uber Eats application can be installed on both Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. In addition to this, ordering of food can also be achieved through the usage of a PC. Users are provided with menus to choose what they want, they order the food and pay for it using their phones. The apps are able to detect where the order is made from, display the restaurants that are opened. The payments are charged on the clients’ debit or credit card information with Uber. Afterward, the meals are sent to the clients either using; cars, bikes or even on foot depending on the distance. As of March last year, the delivery charge was $4.99 excluding the tips (Stonehem 7). Once the customers’ o…

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