U.S Constitution

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U.S Constitution

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The U.S. Constitution with the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace
The Great Law of Peace was an oral constitution for the Haudenosaunee also known as the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. This law was written on wampum belts invented by the great peacemaker who was known as Dekanawidaras well as Hiawatha his spokesman. Its directions and instructions were recorded in symbols and pictographs. The Haudenosaunee’s were there on the night of the 1787 constitutional convention and their ideas made their way to what became the United States Constitution. The US constitution and the Great Law of Peace have similarities and differences that are based on their language and worldview.
The great law of peace employs a pictorial as well as a language of caricature. It defines things and ideas based on their appearance and habit which is a language that does not exist in the English language. The preamble of the US constitution values unity and the liberty for prosperity which has similarity with the Great Law which mandated unity and provided for the coming generations. The Great Law employs a symbol of five bound arrows to signify the strength and unity of the five nations. The Great Seal of the U.S created in 1782 by Charles Thompson had an eagle grasping in its talon a roll of thirteen arrows. The great law had its representatives comprising of chiefs, Faithkeepers, Clan Mothers and others. Convers…

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