Types of police corruptions

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Types of police corruptions

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Police corruption
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Police corruption can is a form of misconduct where law officers break up their contract by abusing power just for personal gain (Klockars et al., 2003).  According to the law, police are the people mandated to protect people in the society by bringing those to commit crimes to justice. However, there are different forms of corruption in the police docket.
Corruption of authority
It is a crime within the forces and it can involve many police or just one police officer. It occurs when a police officer’s due to their position in work receives bribe or material gain with violating the law. Police officers here use their position and rank to extort money from criminals as they arrest them. Some may say it is present, but in the real sense, it is a bribe.
It is also a form of corruption in the police department. It is an illegal payment that is made to someone either in the police or outside with the aim of facilitating an appointment or a transaction (Punch, 2000). Kickback is usually planned and negotiated, and the return favor is often the exchange of appointment or services within the police. In most cases, the bribe to be paid is arranged before the payment.
Opportunistic theft
This is a form of corruption that many people don’t know that it exists. It happens when a police officer steals from a criminal arrested or in a crime scene (Palmiotto, 2001). When a crime occurs…

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