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Comparing the Sexes: Gender Dominance in Jobs
Traditionally, some jobs have been believed to belong to men while others designated to women. However, in recent times, society has transitioned to be more diverse as men nowadays moving into female-dominated jobs. On the other hand, the number of women in male-dominated employment has considerably risen as stated by Miller in The Bulletin. The shift in job compositions is attributed to the tough economic times and increased levels of unemployment which makes less privileged individuals get into any job they find. This article discusses how men are shifting into women dominated positions as women continue to increase in male-dominated jobs.
However, not all men are moving into female-dominated jobs as stated by Miller in The Bulletin. She explains that majority of the men shifting from their current jobs into female-dominated fields are disadvantaged in the job market. Some of the men moving include black men, immigrants as well as the uneducated men. Similarly, both men and women are entering into better occupations they can find. As a result, Immigrants and the uneducated men are forced to filling the positions left behind, some by women, when they join the labor force to earn a living as stated by Haines, Kay, and Nicole.
There is a reduction in inequality is reflected in current employment patterns. Miller describes unemployment as a significant cause to men joining the female-do…

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