Two Management Theories: Compare and Contrast

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Two Management Theories: Compare and Contrast

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Two Management Theories

Two Management Theories
The concept of management differs across the globe. Theories are formed to elaborate on the managerial strategies to use. Management principles are expressed from different histories and contexts. They have positive and negative effects on management practice. The service industry impacts some challenges on its leaders (Nolan & Johnson, 2011). The needs of employees and employers have become complex. Students enter the management field lacking the necessary leadership skills. The focus is now on having a competent workforce. This move has led to the challenge of lacking adequate supervision, leading to increased rate of turnover (Nolan & Johnson, 2011). There are two types of management theories considered. Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X and Y have similarities and differences in their application, making them comparable to each other and necessary in the administration world.
They focus on leadership, human management, and motivation. They describe the motivation strategies that management employs. Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Development are key features discussed according to McGregor (1960) who developed and found these theories to be contrastable.
Theory X
It is developed to emphasize on strict supervision, offer rewards and appropriate action for any undesired activity. It believes workers do not like their jobs and lack adequate motivation…

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