Tuskegee Airman

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Tuskegee Airman

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Tuskegee Airman
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The Tuskegee Airmen were the first black military pilots together with their support personnel in the United States in the late 1930s. The airmen put an extraordinary effort in the Second World War whereby they challenged the stereotypes in which the black Americans were denied opportunity to serve as pilots in US armed forces where racisms and discrimination were intense. The Tuskegee airmen were full of patriotic zeal and eager to join the Second World War in Europe and Asia using their passion and skills to fight in the air. Tuskegee Airmen played a significant part in American history by proving wrong the stereotype that blacks were unskilled and inexperienced to do some jobs (“The Tuskegee Airmen – CAF Red Tail Squadron,” n.d). The group managed to reduce racism and discrimination on a color basis and gave the blacks a new image. The group inspired people of all races to rise above obstacles to achieve success and bring change to the world.
Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady of the US, an American political figure, diplomatic and human right activist who advocated for civil rights of African Americans and Asian merchants. Eleanor visit to Tuskegee in 1941 to observe the Civilian Pilot Training Program brought a significant change to the group especially at that time where blacks faced discrimination and racism in the military force. She helped the Tuskegee group secure finance required in the constr…

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