Turn-of-the-Century Literature

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Turn-of-the-Century Literature

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Turn-of-the-Century Literature
Book review: Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’
Comparison and contrast in Conrad’s depiction of Kurtz’s madness with Gilman’s representation of psychosis in the main character. -In a psychoanalytical comparison of the two contexts, Gilman’s lifestyle and personality is a typical social reflection of a mental breakdown. This is shown in the manner of her constant disillusion nature in description during the escape from her rocky marriage. Additionally, the narrative suggests a tale as of literal representation of psychosis. On the other hand, Conrad depicts a character by the name Kurtz as psychic and mentally disturbed in an imperialist attitude and perspective (Sarvan and Charles, 20).
Themes in illustrations
The two authors both present a theme of mental instability, in clear and distinct dimensions. Conrad’s narrative is of a tale that is ethnically biased and misrepresented in an imperial way of views. When the narrator, Marlow, recounts of his adventures to Africa and his encounter with Kurtz who in this context is viewed as psychotic and mentally ill, due to his cultural practices it is evident that it is a case of culture shock in their cannibalism customs and social misunderstanding. In Charlottes’ case, she expresses her perspective of her disorder situation in a narrative that demands…

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