Tularemia Article Review

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Tularemia Article Review

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Weapon of Mass Destruction
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Tularemia can be described as a fatal disease that is developed from the Francisella Tularensis pathogen. The infection can lead to different symptoms with much reliance on the route of infection. For instance, when a disease occurs from inhaling, the article states how tularensis can cause a mortality rate impact of about 31% if left untreated. Insect’s infection through bites leads to fever or swollen ulcer, headaches, malaise, and a sore throat.
Besides, due to it being contracted via inhalation, tularemia has been selected to be the probable biological weapon. Considering anthrax assail of the United States and the 2001 September event, the article illustrates a concern over the misuse of the dangerous pathogens that are on the increase, notably, Francisella tularensis
In Hawaii, the essays discuss how the United States biological weapons program determined the aerosolized tularaemia bacteria in a population of monkeys in the hold and deck in 1965. Additionally, the article describes an armed forces aircraft that sprays a 32 milestone line of the agent UL. It was determined that the bacteria became communicable for sixty miles over the Pacific. In a matter of the incubation period, the article indicates how a part of the monkeys died as some developed the sympt…

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