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Trump-Cohen’s case has more than meets the eye
The heated debate on the U.S. president Donald Trump’s long-time friend-turned fixer has now taken a twisted turn, perhaps one which was foreseeable, yet very little could be done to avert it. Michael D. Cohen – Mr. Trump’s longtime lawyer – has been enjoying his freedom at the prosecutors’ mercies pending his sentencing on 12th December, and has now dragged the U.S president’s family business into the mess. Although the grounds on which the case is built – unlawful campaign funding – holds water, the revelations on Trump’s affair with an adult film actress and model make the case juicier. As the trial persists, it is possible that uglier facts will creep up exposing the truth that has been buried for years. Based on this, the public should expect an even more twisted turn of events as the hearings continue.
From the article, it is apparent that Cohen is a very useful character in building up the case against president Trump and his family business. Following his admission of guilt in August, the prosecution is committed to build a strong case incriminating Trump Organization’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and the tycoon in campaign financial crimes. However, the fact that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted while still in office is a major impediment to solidifying this case. Nonetheless, Cohen seems to be at the center of these …

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