Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change

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Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change

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TTM and Stages of Change
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Mr. X explores a case requiring psychotherapy to help him quit his multiple addiction habits affecting his life. It is a case that shows the need for a sustainable approach when it comes to interventions for the problems affecting him. The sustainable intervention involves multiple approaches associated with meeting the needs of each stage of change in the process of recovery. There are different stages of change during the intervention and some of which could cause a relapse. However, Trans-theoretical mode uses knowledge of these changes to integrate principles as well as processes of change to facilitate change in the form of recovery in a sustainable manner. There are ten important processes of change that occur at different times during the recovery processes. These ten processes of change led to the development of the Trans-theoretical model by forming its foundation (Prochaska, Redding, & Evers, 1990, 101).
Mr. X’s case is very sensitive and unique. However, analysis of his case and application of the TTM model can prove sustainable and help him finally quit alcohol and smoking for good. He is a person who has had many attempts at quitting which include going to therapy. He also visits the hospital because of withdrawals meaning that he is willing to change. He, therefore, appears to be in the action stage of change associated with a change of overt behavior for less than six months and is repres…

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