Transportation and distribution management

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Transportation and distribution management

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Intel in Singapore: Transportation and Distribution Management
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Intel in Singapore: Transportation and Distribution Management
While logistics involves the storage of productions and materials, freight management, and inventory control, transportation entails the flow of products and raw materials. Transportation encompasses the consignment of raw materials to the producer and flow of finished commodities to the client. Intel ensures that all its raw materials and finished products are availed at the required stations through the use of appropriate and effective carriers and Incoterms, as well as managing and maintaining a healthy carrier relationship. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effectiveness of Intel’s (in Singapore) Incoterms selection consideration, carrier selection criteria, and carrier relationship management.
Intel in Singapore is a subsidiary of Intel Company and was incorporated in 1997. The company produces and distributes several products like microprocessors and related commodities in Singapore. Intel offers products like PCs, processors, consumer electronics, motherboards and development boards, RAID, and server products. Furthermore, Intel in Singapore provides wireless products, solid-state drives, mobile communication tools, and Ethernet products. Intel runs in at least 150 locations across the globe, with the assembly and test facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Costa Rica. It is …

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