Transforming opportunity into results

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Transforming opportunity into results

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Transforming Opportunity into Results
I have always been passionate about helping the needy and blood donation has served as one of the strategies of doing this since my high school years. Donating blood has always been my passion, and I have done it since my high school years. From that time, I organized a group of my friends towards this course and donating blood has become part of my life. The demand for blood is high in hospitals due to accidents and injuries, and hospitals depend on such dives to replenish the supplies. The drive has opened more opportunities for the members in spite of the challenges witnessed in the process.
The blood drive activities have enabled be me to get a scholarship from the OppU Achievers Scholarship according to the requirements stipulated in the link The group recognized my work, and I received a scholarship totaling about $10,000 annually due to the efforts I make in helping patients get blood when required (“OppU Achievers Scholarship.”). I also created opportunities for the other members of the initiative who have also secured different scholarships with OppU. According to OppU achievers scholarship, two of the drive members have acquired an annual award of $10,000 while the rest have managed to get a scholarship totaling $2500 yearly. The drive thus created opportunities for the members I included to pursue higher education comfortably which would have …

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