Transferable Skills Course Project Collection

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Transferable Skills Course Project Collection

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Transferable Skills
According to Clark & Martin (2016), transferable skills are an essential component of a quality education. Throughout the course of this project, I have gained important transferable skills in many areas including communication skills, critical thinking, ethics & professional responsibility, digital fluency, and information literacy.
First, thanks to the project, I have acquired crucial communication skills as noticeable in the business plan. My reading skills have also improved owing to the extensive documents I was compelled to read while working on the project. Secondly, my critical thinking skills have improved especially in terms of problem-solving, precision and reflection capabilities because of the complexity of the project. Third, my ability to behave responsibly, ethically and professionally has improved tremendously, skills which were acquired because I had to interact with many professionals in the course of the project.
I plan to use these transferable skills to make my summer part-time job experience better. As an accounts clerk at a local food store, I will be keen to utilize these skills to solve work-related problems and communicate better with my workmates. In the long-run, I believe these skills will go a long way toward helping me offer creative solutions to my employers. Also, my working relationship with others is likely to improve. Ultimately, I want to continue acquiring more transferable …

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