Training and development

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Training and development

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Training and Development
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Training and Development
1a. How do you define training?
Training refers to formal employee behavioural modification through learning to gain new skill sets for a new role or to perform better in their current positions (Kraiger, 2013).
1b. How do you define professional development?
Professional development is the building-up of an employee’s skills while, at the same, installing maturity growth in terms of interpersonal skills and decision making for management roles in future (Kraiger, 2013).
2a. what are the most common characteristics of an effective training and development program?
The core characteristics of training and development programs include; assessing the gaps to identify requirements for the training, coming up with clearly defined objectives, goals and expected outcomes, training materials and content should be relevant to needs, trainee empowerment through demonstrations to ensure successful transfer of knowledge and skills and evaluation of the program to determine its shortcomings for further improvement (Kraiger, 2013). Successful training and development programs thus depend on how well they are designed and implemented.
2b. How do these characteristics align with the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation (ADDIE) or analysis, research, design, development, implementation, evaluation (ARDDIE) model of training and development?
ADDIE is an abbreviated term for …

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