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Building Blocks
Building blocks have been used by parents as well as institutions to keep children engaged. This has resulted in additional benefits that might not have been predicted. The building blocks are meant to present different challenges that the children have to overcome. In the recent past, it has been realized that the building blocks may enhance cognitive, social, physical and emotional needs.
In terms of cognitive ability, the building blocks tend to improve on spatial reasoning. Once a child is exposed to the building blocks, they will improve on the types of structures that they come up with. As they build sophisticated structures, they will also tend to perform better on standardized tests meant to gauge spatial intelligence (Dewar n.pag). The building blocks also improve the cognitive ability among the users. This refers to a situation where one can shift focus from a particular relevant stimulus to another.
Dewar (n.pag) states that the use of building blocks can also be tied to extensive language development. Children that are exposed to the blocks will tend to have better communication abilities as compared to those that lack the exposure. The children are also expected to solve different puzzles using the blocks, and this may enhance their capacity in terms of solving problems. The children are also engaged to come up with creative solutions to the various problems that they face (Dewar n.pag). In particular instances, th…

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