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Tough Guise 2

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Many people think the very concept of “gender issues” is synonymous with “women’s issues.” Talk about why this is so. And discuss how this misconception makes it difficult for many men, and women, to understand the gendered nature of men’s lives.
By focusing the gender issue on a given group, the subordinate group is often the target of being helped while the dominant group which is men is the target of criticism. In most cases the underlying issues are uncovered as all men are often seen as the causes of all problems that women face. The effect of this approach is that women fail to acknowledge that everyone is a human being, and that men too are faced with similar problems as they do.
What is the difference between using the common term “violence against women” rather than the less commonly used “men’s violence against women”? And why is this difference significant?
Violence against women takes into totality that men are the main subjects or perpetrators of violence against women. It does not look at the perpetrators as being women or men but makes a generalization that women are the only people who face violence. However, in most cases it does not show the violence that women commit against women, which gives a false impression that all violence against women is by men. On the other hand, men’s violence against women brings specificity to the actions in place. It focuses the use of violence in the given cases to be committed by men.
What do …

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