tornado in tuscaloosa alabama april 2011

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tornado in tuscaloosa alabama april 2011

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Tornado in Tuscaloosa Alabama April 2011
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Tornado in Tuscaloosa Alabama April 2011
Damage Assessment
The Tuscaloosa Alabama’s tornado was one of the notable natural disasters which caused significant damages not only to the people but also to property (National Weather Service, 2011). When it comes to this disaster the assessment can be divided into the following;
What can be replaced;
Telecommunication lines.
Electricity lines.
Water pipes.
What can be restored;
What can be salvaged;
Motor vehicles.
House Furniture.
The damage assessment can be done within a period of three days and it helps reinstate calmness in the community.
Debris Removal
After 2011, Tuscaloosa Alabama’s tornado the removal of trash is done by some companies. For this case, this work was done by the Alabama Municipal Council (Gentry, 2011). The process was divided into two;
Remove trash from the roads.
Clear trenches.
Remove twigs from electricity lines.
Remove trash from telecommunication lines.
Remove trash from water bodies
Remove debris from roofs
Motor Vehicles.
Damaged furniture.
Debris removal was necessary since it helped clean the affected region and therefore enable the normal activity of the people to be conducted.
Disaster Declarations
After the tornado, a press conference was held by Walt Maddox who was the then Alabama Mayo…

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