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Topic proposal for final project

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M1A1: Final Paper Topic Proposal
Topic Proposal
Ethical Dilemma in doing well or doing the right thing.
Research Question
Why is it not easy to do well as well as do right by the National Security Professionals?
The professionals in the National Security agencies have been torn apart on deciding on whether to do their duties right as required by the law or do it well even when it is not according to the law (Lovelady, 1992). Since the national security professionals are guided by the law, there comes a time when they have to follow the law to remain right as expected of them by the law while the work they do is not well done on the eyes of the public and therefore in that case they do not meet the expectations of the public or the common citizens (Dunlap, 2012). For instance, when the national security professional arrests someone who was over speeding to take his ill child to the hospital, it is right according to the law to arrest those who are over speeding but it is not well done according to the mission of over speeding (Gravitz, 2009). According to my research am going to look into ways in which the National Security professionals can ensure that they do the right thing as well as ensuring that their work is well done to the required perfection. In the research, however, I would ensure that I find appropriate ways in which the National Security agencies can fulfill the need of the citizens by doing the work well as they follow the law that guides them.

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