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The Pearl is a novel by John Steinbeck. The novel depicts many themes, but the main theme is greed and corruption. Precisely, greed is what drives Kino is setting the stage for the novel. Kino found a pearl and knows that he will make a lot of cash from it. On the other hand, Juana has a perception that the earl was going to bring them nothing but only harm.
The author paints an incredible simplistic portrait of greed in the novel. This is a symbol of evil. It is always corrupt which has brought nothing but sufferings to them. Also, all the competition is in this novel are unhealthy, but most of the people in the novel are motivated by self-interest rather than having concern for others. Family
The theme of family is idealized in this novel. Warmth, safety, and whole characterize the family. For instance, characters like Kino protect their family above everything. He does this with an animalistic favor (Steinbeck, 1). He is described as papa bear. The family, in this case, is closely tied together to various gender roles. Each gender is given different roles without discrimination. The duties for father, mother and other family members are an important part of identity for each person. In the novel, there is zero ambiguity in the roles of various gender roles. The male gender is considered the head of the family. The males are ones in charge of decision making in the family, although the females are supposed to respect…

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