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Scientific Cannons and Pseudo Science Activity
Experimental Psychology (PSYC/CHLD 3404)
Objectives: Following this activity, students will be able to identify and describe the four cannons of the scientific method, and distinguish between pseudoscientific and scientific claims.
Part 1: Cannons of Science
Review the four cannons of science by defining the terms using your textbook.
This cannon proposes that when contrasting theories, it is imperative to choose the simplest and one with the minimal postulations. The key idea in parsimony is reducing the complexity of accounts and events by choosing the simplest elucidation for an observation.
The idea in determinism is that behaviors result from existing dynamics and hence they can be foreseen. This approach therefore, focuses on how an incident is influenced by prior occurrences.
This approach proposes that scientific hypotheses should be tested to establish their reliability and accuracy. By testing hypotheses, conclusions can be drawn on whether the concept applied is right or wrong.
The idea in empiricism is that, knowledge is acquired through observing and experience from different events but not just rational thinking. By observing different aspects in life, a researcher can draw compelling evidence from the observations.
Part 2: Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience
Pseudoscience is sometimes passed off as real science in the news media. People want consu…

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