Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry Revised

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Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry Revised

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Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry
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An internal audit in the government is necessary since it examines its accounting records and evaluates its conformity with the standard regulations, procedures, and controls. There is need to appraise the emerging trends in internal government auditing to keep pace with the changing roles, technologies, and others. Internal auditing enables the government to manage its financial risk and other vital activities. There are various trends in internal government audit, including cyber security, emerging technologies, strategic alignment, anti-bribery/anti-corruption, performance risk, culture risk and others. This paper investigates three problems facing the field of internal government auditing, which includes cyber security, corporate scandals, and varying roles of the internal auditors. It ultimately focuses on the question: how might internal auditors best handle an increase in cybersecurity attacks?
Top Trends in the Internal Auditing industry
Cyber-attacks have continued to increase in the recent years, which affect many organizations. Companies are demanding internal auditors to play their role and be objective, independent, and comprehensive when it comes to the review of cyber risks. Firms have decided that security and incident report from the CIO or CISO. According to Hay, Knechel &am…

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