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Top Hot Organizer

Top Hot Organizer
A top hat organizer is a tool in contrasting and comparing topics. Compare, and contrast is a strategy for thinking devised to compact students’ memories, eliminate confusion, and bring significant similarities and differences into consideration. The top hat organizer below compares and contrasts formative and summative assessments.
Formative Assessment Summative Assessment
Aims to assist a teacher to develop on teaching performance across a range of formalities.
Presents weaknesses and strengths in a person’s teaching and offers remedies.
Formative assessment depends majorly on trust and safety of the evaluator or the person being assessed.
The goal is to examine student learning to provide feedback that can be used by instructors in improving teaching (Lees & Anderson, 2015) and learning among students.
Summative assessment makes a judgement about teacher’s performance across the same range of formality.
Complex since it involves the provision of evidence to support a thesis (Lees &
Anderson, 2015). Among which are the grammatical loading and emphasis, exclusion or inclusion of counter-evidence.
Weaknesses in formative assessment can be used ultimately as evidence in a summative assessment, therefore, formative becomes impossible.
The goal is to evaluate learning process in students (Lees & Anderson, 2015) and ultimately compare against standards and benchmarks.
Both summative and form…

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