Tools and Success in Management

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Tools and Success in Management

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Tools and Success in Supply Chain Management
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Tools and Success in Supply Chain Management
In supply chain management success is about improving operations and staying ahead of the competition. Another attribute is an effective innovation which leads to better outcomes. Success is achieved when movement is easy to track. As a manager, I consider myself successful when my company can handle materials faster, optimize floor space and forecast for the future. Success is about increasing productivity and keeping costs down. It’s also about managing people effectively. A transparent supply chain is an indicator of supply chain management success. Sharing information freely minimizes financial and reputational loses. Success is also indicated by a quality supply network with the right partners.
I will apply an information system in order to facilitate communication and information sharing among partners. I will enhance the flow of product information by using product information systems like RFID. This will also enhance product tracking throughout the supply chain. Adoption of information systems means that Data transfer will be more effective and orders will be processed in a shorter time (Nagy, 2011). Optimization of material flow is achieved through vendor-management inventory systems and the assortment of goods. Tools for supporting cost and performance assessment will help in examining supply chain costs and the performance of indiv…

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