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It is not advisable to trust the tobacco industry that it will regulate its products because, like any other sector, tobacco firms focus on increasing sales, attracting more consumers, retaining current customers and increasing their market share. Any self-regulation for the tobacco sector will be contrary to its objectives. Therefore, the best option is to have a neutral body, such as the government, which has no interest in the industry to regulate tobacco products.
Tobacco leads to various health hazards, and these include lung cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease (TheVirtualKrouse 1). These health conditions cause low-quality health life, increase medical care costs and may result in death. Tobacco causes these health hazards as it harms almost all body organs. Besides that, I believe smokers should be responsible for the medical costs and implications of smoking since this habit is avoidable. Smoking is not a disease, but rather a behavior, which emerges due to emotional, chemical or social factors (TheVirtualKrouse 1). Other parties like insurance firms should not compensate smokers for any cost incurred because smoking is not a risk.
Finally, the different methods of tobacco cessation include identifying the type of smoker one is (recognizing chemical or social addictions), making a plan to quit smoking (replacing smoking with a good habit), using anti-smoking medication and having a plan to fail….

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